Thursday, Apr 4, 2-3 PM

WuXi AppTec Expert Meeting at WRIB 2019

WuXi AppTec

BIOANALYTICAL TESTING SERVICES Changing regulatory guidance and increasing scientific complexities continue to impact pre-clinical and clinical development. You need a partner that is at the forefront of bioanalytical testing and help develop the next generation of therapies as quickly and safely as possible. Bioanalytical experts from WuXi AppTec will be available at WRIB to discuss your questions about bioanalytical testing for either small molecule or large molecule drug development Reserve your time to meet one on one with the WuXi AppTec's Bioanalysis experts at WRIB 2019 MEET OUR EXPERTS Jing Shi, PhD Executive Director, Head of Large Molecule Bioanalysis Dr. Shi leads the bioanalytical method development, validation and sample testing services under GLP/GCP, in support of China and global clients. She has extensive working experience at various drug development stages including cell line development, process development, toxicology, biologics drug substance/drug product characterization and preclinical/clinical bioanalytical analysis. John Pirro Senior Director, Head of Large and Small Molecule Bioanalysis Mr. Pirro has rich experiences in designing/conducting PK / ADA / Nab / Biomarker method development, validation and sample analysis testing for biopharmaceutical and/or biotech industry. He is an expert in designing and implementing new bioanalytical methods and standardized procedures. John holds 9 US patents and was invited to speak at many trade publication interviews. Wenzhong Liang, PhD Executive Director, Bioanalysis Dr. Liang has extensive experience in the application of LC-MS/MS technique on the bioanalysis, metabolism and pharmacokinetic research of bioactive natural products. He is Executive Director in Bioanalysis in charge of small molecule LC-MS/MS team. Dennis Heller, PhD Vice President of Drug Development, Deputy Site Head Dr. Heller is responsible for Technical Business Development, Operational, Client and Project management support. Dr. Heller has been involved in drug development studies for over 20 years. Changming Yang, PhD, Senior Director, Bioanalysis Dr. Yang has years of industrial experiences in GMP and GLP regulated environment including working with Merck, Quest Diagnostics, and Nitto Avecia Pharma. He is currently leading teams on small molecule pre-clinical and clinical bioanalytical studies.