Everything you need for the perfect drive-in movie experience

Just because we’re not in a movie theater doesn’t mean the cinema won’t be great!

With social distancing happening our regular movie experience is going back a few decades and changing the way we watch movies. The Broad Theater is offering an alternative experience, with a cool outdoor option. Here’s all you need to enhance your movie experience.

You Gotta Eat

Snacks are the best part besides the movie. But since your driving in I might as well pack all of my favorite snacks. This tray is ideal for holding your daiquiri, hot dog, French fries, or po-boy. Plus it keeps the mess in your tray and not your lap.

Buy it on Amazon: $12.99

Snacks for even the pickiest eater

This Customizable Movie Night Snack Box makes it easy for you and you don’t have to go to the store. They offer a list of preferred snacks for the picky eaters, but if you don’t care they will randomly put together a box based on what’s available.

via ShawnsSweetTreats (Etsy)

Buy it on Etsy: $35+

Pass the Popcorn

Popcorn is the final touch to completing your movie experience. Ordering this 3.5-pound bag of gourmet popcorn will make sure you never run out. You’ll never have to worry about leaving to get more and missing your favorite part.

Buy it on Amazon: $39.95

The best seats in the house

With social distancing, everyone will need to stay in their square, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in your car. Now, you can relax and watch the movie as if you were at home. This inflatable lounger gives you the comfort of your couch on the go.

Buy it on Amazon: $33.99

If you don’t wanna get too relaxed you this outdoor folding chair is perfect to allow you to stretch your legs. This unique chair just takes a few minutes to set up right before the movie starts, allowing you to immediately sit and enjoy outdoor time.

Buy it on Amazon: $33.99

Keep warm with this handwoven blanket to keep yourself warm on those chilly nights. This blanket is big enough for you both to snuggle under, or if you want to pop open the trunk, it can line your carpet and provide a perfect place for you to sit.

Buy it on Amazon: $19.95

Now that you’ve got the gear, enjoy yourself some quality movie watchin’ when The Broad Theater is ready to roll the film.