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First Lego store in Louisiana builds quick fan base

Just in time for you to step on them and writhe in pain for Christmas

Your kid’s new favorite store sits in a prime location next to Sephora and across from the Disney store.

Friday morning, Lego opened a new store in Lakeside Mall to the delight of kids and adult collectors alike.

The coolest thing might be the “digital box,” an augmented reality screen. where you scan the set you’re looking at, and the screen shows you the completed set as if it’s sitting on the box in your hands.

The store features a wall of loose Legos, for those missing pieces from their sets and of course, a Lego table for the little ones to play, just like the one at your favorite doctor’s office.

Gretna native Harry Bowshier came to the store to search for individual pieces. He’s a collector who says he owns between $20,000-$30,000 worth of Legos at his home. He’s built sets like the roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, and The Death Star from Star Wars.

Bowshire said his fascination with Legos began when he joined the service. When he came home, he found his mother had given his Legos away. So as an adult, he bagan collecting and building the sets.

“It’s relaxing, it makes you think sometimes,” he said.

According to the New Orleans Advocate, the store addition comes as Lakeside reaches the halfway point on its $10 million renovation. The store is Lego’s first location in Louisiana, and company runs more than 130 retail locations worldwide.

You can check the digital box around the 3-minute mark, and pictures of the sets on display.