Free parking downtown might soon to get the boot

A new study suggests getting rid of the few coveted free parking spots in the CBD

Think parking downtown is already a hassle? Well, now the chances of you getting a coveted free parking space might get slimmer.

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According to the New Orleans Advocate, a study commissioned by the city’s Department of Public Works recommends getting rid of the few on-street spaces that have largely been overlooked by the city.

The study also suggests more enforcement of loading zones, which are reportedly taken up by cars for long periods of time illegally. The report also suggests the city begin charging businesses for loading zones, with the price tag sitting at $8,237, equivalent to what the space would make a year if it was metered parking.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s administration has not made any official comment about the report’s findings, according to The Advocate.

You can click here to read more about the report from The New Orleans Advocate.