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Get Brunchfaced: A Love Supreme at Paladar 511

Lemon ricotta pancakes. What’s not to adore?

One of the traits from my childhood that has made its way into my adulthood is my tendency to try something once…and then love it so much that I want it all the time.

Like the first time I had Spaghettios; I was 6. And I loved it. I wanted it all the time. Even when it gave me food poisoning. I wanted it all the time.

The same goes for the first time I had lemon ricotta pancakes from Paladar 511 at brunch, I was 29. And I love it. And I want it all the time.

Brunch at Paladar 511 felt like a love supreme. It was a bright (but windy) Saturday afternoon, and the Marigny spot was just crowded enough to know it was a poppin’ spot, but quiet enough to know that some people were nursing post-parade hangovers. The high ceilings and gorgeous chandeliers added a special touch to the refurbished warehouse, and I just couldn’t stop staring at the art hanging behind the bar and smelling the food of the table beside me.

Paladar 511 is mostly known for its pizzas, including its special spicy breakfast pizza and farm egg pizza, which are served during brunch. I love pizza, lord knows I do, but I went to Paladar 511 with one thing in mind:

Lemon.👏Ricotta.👏 Pancakes.👏

Now. Look. Lemons are my jam – I love them in and around and on top of all the things – sweet tea, cakes, dripped over a plate of fried catfish. And I always manage to steal a lemon every year from the St. Joseph’s Altar – because ya girl is looking for love.

I found it in this plate of pancakes. I took the first bite and tried to not cry or be too extra, but I did tell my friend, “This tastes like how Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Be Ever Wonderful” sounds like.” Along with the pancakes, I munched on crispy bacon, sipped on a pleasant mimosa and stole a bite of Korean short ribs from my bunch buddy’s plate. The whole meal was a balm, a healing, a love song.

I think I was in my feelings for many reasons – I am a hopeless romantic and love seeing love, but there were so many couples in Paladar 511 on brunch dates. So many small laughs and touching of hands across the table and flirty glances up through eyelashes and a few clanks of mimosa glasses, toasting to whatever is between them.

So, if you’re paired with a lucky person, or trying to manifest love in your life, let Paladar 511 guide your way to a love supreme. You just might fall in love with the right one.

For me, it was the pancakes. They are bae, forever and ever.

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