God save the queens! 👑

It’s Holy Thursday y’all! While most of us will be trying to stay dry ⛈, many brave souls are going to fight the weather to get one of the most coveted meals in town. So don’t frown, because we have you covered before you chow down in your evening gown with a crown in the town.


Staying weather aware

Lots of kids are out of school today, and businesses are shutting down early so people can get home before the heavy rain begins. Our area is under an enhanced risk for severe weather today, so while the morning was calm, you might want to clear that storm drain out. Don’t know how? Click here for tips.


The Queen of Creole Cuisine

It only happens once a year; Chef Leah Chase’s gumbo z’herbes. If you’ve never seen it, it’s green gumbo, chock full of meat and herbs, and it’s one of only two things coming from the Dooky Chase kitchen today. Click here to read about the dish’s history straight from the lips of the Queen of Creole Cuisine. 


Queen Bey hits that B.E.A.T.

We’ve just hit spring, but the summer anthem for this year has already arrived. On Wednesday, Beyonce’ dropped a cover of Maze’s “Before I Let Go,” tinged with a sample of DJ Jubilee’s “Get It Ready Ready.” Yes, it’s a bop. Barbecues and block parties will never be the same. Click here to give it a listen.


Queen Tahj hits the street for the last time this year

After Downtown Super Sunday was postponed to Mother’s Day, many Mardi Gras Indians took their suits to the Westbank on Sunday, and some hit the streets for the last time this year. One of them was Queen Tahj, of the Golden Feathers. Click here to see pictures of her and other “pretty pretty” Black Masking Indians on one of the few days they’re gathered together in one place.


What To Do


Free Crawfish Friday | 3 p.m. | Borgne Restaurant 
It’s the last Friday of Lent! Crawfish will be free and the restaurant will be doing specials on happy hour drinks.

Fish Fry Fridays at 14 Parishes | 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. | Pythian Market
Get your classic fish fry plate. Catfish with mac and cheese, potato salad, green peas and a cornbread muffin is on the menu.


Crescent City Classic | 8 a.m. | Click here for route information
It’s the 41st Annual Crescent City Classic. Registration for the race ends Friday, but you can save $15 by running for a charity. Click here for more information. 

Red Cup Music Fest | Noon – 8 p.m. | Congo Square
Performers include Lil Boosie, Bun B, Tokyo Vanity, Denisia, Beat King, Ha Sizzle and DJ Raj Smoove. Click here for more information. 


Gay Easter Parade | 4 p.m. | French Quarter
One of the most fashion-forward parades in the city, this one is family friendly. No nudity, partial nudity or explicit throws are allowed in the parade,  and that’s a rarity in the Quarter. Click here for route information.

Red Fish Grill Easter Buffett | 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. 
Yes, lots of places are having Easter meals or buffets. But, Red Fish Grill has an arts and crafts station for the kids, which helps after they’ve had to sit still quietly all morning in church. Click here for more information.


What Else You Should Know