Happy Saintsgiving!

We’re hungry for two birds today — turkey and Falcons. That’s right. Happy Saintsgiving, everyone! Last week, we all got a fowl appetizer when the Black & Gold destroyed a different bird in the Superdome — The Eagles. We’ve been feeling those 2009 & 2010 feels all over again with the Saints at 9-1. With the Super Bowl in Atlanta, we can only salivate at what’s potentially to come. But before the Saints serve up a 28-3 scarred bird on our plates, here’s how you can spend this holiday weekend.


What’s Open?

Not everyone get’s the day off today. Many retail employees will have to call the feasting early to get ready for the Black Friday wheelin’ and dealin’. Also, the service industry is non-stop right now with the Bayou Classic and the Falcons in town. So when today is just a day off for people and not always a holiday, we have a list of places open for business so you can keep as much of the day for resting. 


Ain’t Got Nobody (Pshh)

While many of us may not have immediate family nearby, we’re all one big happy family here. When it comes to celebrating a holiday, what better town to get down in than here. If you’re a transplant or native of New Orleans, here are some options on celebrating Turkey Day in the Crescent City. From where to go to how to burn off those calories, we have the deets on doing Thanksgiving the best way in town.


The G.O.A.T. (Drew Brees, Duh)

He goes by many names: Breesus, Hurricane Drew, Cool Brees … but he’s obviously the GOAT. When the Saints go halo-to-beak with the Falcons, keep in mind that not only did the FALCONS BLOW A 25-POINT LEAD IN THE SUPER BOWL (*ahem*), but that also our holy quarterback is the Greatest Of All Time and has been commemorated by Haydel’s Bakery with a sweet treat that will totally be the perfect dessert for Saintsgiving,.


Your Long Holiday Weekend:

Thursday: Saintsgiving. Aside from the grub, the ONLY thing we care about today is how badly the Saints will roast the Falcons. This is everything. It goes down at 7:20 p.m. on NBC. 
Friday: Black Friday. Big box retailers will be offering huge discounts, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait for Small Business Saturday. Check out our local shopping guide below to keep the local economy green and not red this holiday season.
Saturday: Celebration In The Oaks. Lights! Camera! Holiday! This dazzling light show kicks off this weekend and will be sure to get you in the spirit for December.
Sunday: “A Christmas Story” will be shown at 10 a.m. at the Prytania Theatre. Avoid the Bumpases’ dogs and see this holiday classic at one of the coolest theaters in New Orleans.


Things To Know