Here’s what you have to do when a boil water advisory is issued

We know you people outside of the Orleans Parish line aren’t used to this kind of thing.

The news probably hit you as you were making it in to work this morning. It was like any regular Tuesday. You hopped in the shower, brushed your teeth, made your coffee. And then….

Jefferson Parish?! Isn’t this why you moved out of Orleans in the first place?!

Meanwhile, the rest of us on the Eastbank are pointing our fingers, laughing.

Maybe you come from a place where you don’t have to boil your water every six months. Here are the basics:

  • No, you don’t have to boil your bath water. Just don’t let it get up your nose (very, very important), because brain eating amoeba. We also don’t suggest drinking the shower water, or from the hose, if you’re under the advisory.
  • You don’t have to boil the water you give to Fifi and Fido either. Chances are they eat worse things off the ground everyday.
  • Please boil your water on the stove. The hot water out of your Keurig doesn’t count. 🙄
  • Be prepared for the advisory to last at least a full 24-hours from when it’s announced. Water samples have to be collected and sent off to be tested, which most parishes say takes at least a day. So if the news hit in the morning morning, by that night the advisory won’t be lifted. Not until the next day is there hope, folks.
  • Most schools provide bottled water for kids, but if you’re worried, it doesn’t hurt to send them to class with a bottle of water just to be safe.

Welcome to South Louisiana! Don’t worry, by Mardi Gras you’ll be over water and into beer and liquor anyways.