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HexFest Brings A Dash of the Mysterious And Spiritual To The Quarter

The three-day celebration of witchery kicks off tonight.

The late afternoon isn’t exactly the witching hour, but it is when New Orleans 3-day long celebration of all things witchy kicks off. Starting this at 5:30 p.m. with a ritual on the Mississippi River, HexFest will bring tons of spooky and spiritual folks to the United States’ most-magical neighborhood.

The festival runs all weekend with witches being offered the chance to learn everything from voodoo-based anatomy lessons to proper gardening techniques for those looking to dabble in the spirit realm.

After the aforementioned ritual, which will pull from the city’s “wellspring of power” in the Mississippi River while riding on the famous riverboat Creole Queen, witches will be able to indulge in whatever aspect of the mystical tickles their fancy. Workshops cover all manner of occult ideas from conversing with higher powers to fortune-telling and tarot.

From their home base in the Bourbon Orleans hotel, witches can learn practical magic, take place in discussions around the politics of witchery or take in history lessons about witchcraft in the United States. Witches are free to choose their own path, but its likely they knew that already.

Tickets for the three-day fest are available here.