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Hot Take: Savory king cake isn’t king cake, it’s crawfish bread

Honorable mention: Don’t bring your gluten-free king cake to the office, either.

So, we’re deep into king cake season now. It’s at the office at least once a week. You’ve probably had it for breakfast. Shame on you if you haven’t had your first slice of Dong Phuong for the season.

But please, I beg you, stop calling savory king cakes, king cake. 🙄

I’m not knocking it if you try it. We’re all entitled to try whatever we want. But when you say the words king cake, I’m expecting a sweet, moist, sugary, cinnamon-laced piece of heaven.

Not crawfish bread. Not stuffed with boudin. Not covered in green onions.

It’s so bad that no one I knew personally had an actual picture of savory king cake, in a day and age where we take pictures of our food. You know why?

Because we don’t want it.

Maybe I’m just fed up with the list of non-traditional ingredients. It just goes further and further every year. This year Sucre’ put out a Tabasco-flavored king cake. HOT SAUCE. IN A KING CAKE. While it’s not savory, it’s still a little strange to me.

Maybe it’s good. I’ve heard mixed reviews. But I know one thing, it’s not for me.


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We’re #drooling every time we pull one of these out of the oven 🤤😋 #boudinkingcake #hebertscajunmeats #putitinyourmouth

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Isn’t this essentially a meat pie? No? Can’t you just call it a meat pie and not a king cake?

I know we’re a progressive city and things are changing. It’s the “new” New Orleans. Fine. Maybe my palate is boring and childish and I’m set in my adolescent dreams of McKenzie’s sugar. But I stand by my initial statement.

Editor’s Note: These views don’t represent the entirety of Very Local New Orleans.