If we ain’t brunching out, we’re getting #Brunchfaced at home

We miss Brunch in New Orleans. The mimosas, the outfits, the boots. Sigh. BUT we can still recreate a great brunching at home for the people in our pod! Here’s what you need to live your best brunch life in your own house.

Say it with sass

Sturdy enough to tackle your holiday baking and charming enough to leave on display. Made from high quality cotton, these delightful towels feature sassy sentiments and vibrant designs.

Buy it on Amazon: $8.25

Pop the bubbly!

Nothing says party like a bottle of bubbly! Dress up your space with this super cute ballon kit.

Buy it on Amazon: $9.97

But first, mimosas!

This all-in-one pack includes a banner, a bar sign with instructions on how to make your mimosa, and blank tags for you to label the juices and dranks!

Buy it on Amazon: $8.99

It’s in the details

This three-tiered stand is easy to put together and can hold everything from cupcakes to sandwiches or deviled eggs.

Buy it on Amazon: $10.98

What’s in this drink again?

Follow the proportion guidelines on each glass to get your day drinking started off right!

Get them on Amazon: $11.99

Avoid the party foul

Avoid dropping your glass and a brunch faux pas with this set of plastic disposable champagne flutes. They’re even gold rimmed for that touch of class.

Buy it on Amazon: $14.99

Pop, Lock, but Don’t Drop It

These pink napkins with gold foil lettering are the perfect picker upper.

Get them on Amazon: $21

Winning waffles

Make paninis, hash browns, and even biscuit pizzas! Any wet batter will “waffle” your treats and snacks into 4 share size portions.

Get it on Amazon: $25.99

Saving the sips

This electroplated stainless steel has been tested with 13lb internal pressure, makes it sturdy enough for holding increasing pressure inside the bottle in case you want to save some bubbly for a night cap.

Buy it on Amazon: $9.59

Rose Gold and Rose’

After spending all day cooking and preparing your house for the event, the last thing you want to do is standing for hours washing dirty dishes. This disposable set includes 160 pieces: 20 knives, 20 forks, 20 spoons, 20 7.5 plates, 20 10.25 plates, 20 9 oz. cups and 40 napkins.

Buy it on Amazon: $36.99