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Learn Burlesque From The Best At Our Workshop

Trixie Minx is going to teach us all a few tricks.

New Orleans is one of the few cities on Earth where burlesque can be an entire lifestyle. We’re a hub that brings together lovely performers and eager audiences like no other place. But the wealth of great dancers can also be initmidating to folks who want to try their hand at burlesque for the first time.

We’re teaming up with Trixie Minx to bring that barrier down faster than a silk robe falling to the stage. Very Local’s next event is a workshop in the “Art of the Tease,” a spectacular walkthrough of sexy, sultry skills from one of the city’s best dancers.

Come on down to New Orleans Jazz Market on Thursday, September 18 to learn everything you need to spice things up! It might be September, but that doesn’t mean things won’t get hot. Grab your tickets now before they’re gone.

When: Tuesday, Sept. 18th, 6:30 -8:30pm

Where: New Orleans Jazz Market –1436 Oretha Castle Haley, New Orleans, LA 70112

Tickets: $20 (includes unlimited local cocktails)

You MUST be 21 and over to attend, I.D.’s will be checked at the door.