Learn how to make NOLA classic cocktails at our ‘Lift Your Spirits’ party

Mixology 101: Be your own bartender and create NOLA crafty concoctions.

Who’s ready for DIY draaaanks? This is your time to call your own shots and be your own bartender.

We know a thing or two about libations around these parts. We can tell people where to find them cheaply, who makes the best of X cocktail and which places are surrounding their drinks with the best vibe. What we might not have ever learned — given how spoiled we are by the abundance of professional mixers — is how to make our favorite drinks for ourselves.

Luckily, our “Lift Your Spirits” party will do just that. Our mixing stations and bartending staff will walk you through the steps to make several New Orleans classics. Take a stroll through the basics of mixology 101 and don’t be afraid to sample the results. If you’ve ever said “Hey, what’s in this drink?” and meant it, then come down to New Orleans Drink Lab on August 30 to learn you something.

Just $15 covers entry into the party, training from the experts and the alcohol you’ll be drinking. That’s a great deal even before you get to the fact that you’re going to save money once you know how to make your own cocktails. Also, when was the last time you left a bar feeling smarter?

Mark you calendars for later this month. Pick up your tickets here. Don’t miss it.

Where: New Orleans Drink Lab
When: Thursday, August 30 at 6:30 p.m.

343 Baronne St
Getting there
343 Baronne St, New Orleans, LA 70112, USA
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