Let’s look at the replay (gallery): We’re ref’ing mad about the Saints getting robbed in the NFC championship

Robbery reported at Superdome on Sunday

“911, what’s your emergency.”

“Yes, I’d like to report a robbery at the Superdome.”

asdfionhb’s ;bniosen’abwefb <— that’s us banging our head on the keyboard. We’re mad as hell too, Who Dat Nation.

We’ve all seen our share of blown calls in a game. It happens. Refs are humans. But when something so egregious, so blatant and SO SOME-ODD FEET AWAY FROM A REF, you have to wonder if this whole cluster of athletic competition situation is rigged.

But alas, here we are. Let’s rage together. For therapy.

Despite our rage, the show of support was boss. The Who Dat Nation knows exactly how to cheer on our boys in black and gold. We were loud. We were proud (still are). But we. were. robbed. We’re gonna rage first at these photos then we’re gonna show the lighter side below it.

Now, while you’re raging — take note that WE SHOWED UP. LOOK AT THESE FANS!

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