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At Lionheart Prints you can find fun cards & unique gifts for every occasion

This colorful shop on Magazine Street also offers online shopping and curbside pickup

Lionheart Prints, located at 3312 Magazine St., is a creative dream come true. When you walk in, you’re wrapped in a world of beautiful design — from the 20-foot wall of pens in every color of the rainbow to the cards, wrapping paper and fun gifts. It’s easy to lose yourself in the wonderland of art that store owner Liz Cooke has created.

After graduating college, Cooke was struggling to find a job in advertising, when she first had the idea for Lionheart Prints. With her background in graphic design, hand lettering and illustration, she thought that combining humor and talent was a good start in owning her own business. Her original goal was to spread kindness and positivity through greeting cards. From there, her plans began to take shape.

“I was working at a stationary store and doing comedy,” Cooke said. “I knew that I could be funny and creative.”

Expanding from Oak Street to Magazine Street (and online)

Cooke first opened her shop on Oak Street, where she operated for 16 months. She worked with local printers, printing and selling her own designs. She knew that she wanted presses of her own so that she could run her business on her terms. It was by chance that she found just what she needed to give her business wings.

“I found two beautiful vintage Heidelberg Windmill presses in Jackson, Mississippi, that were being sold, 2 for 1,” she said. “They were huge — 5 feet wide and 2,000 pounds. These presses were built for big runs. The owner said that he would hold them for me until I found a place for them. That’s when I knew I had to find a new location for the store.”

Cooke moved her store into a spot on Magazine Street, that used to be home to Buffalo Exchange. She thought that she would figure out a way to pay for it somehow, and the move from Oak Street to Magazine Street took 30 days.

Lionheart Prints, a name Cooke chose to represent being brave and doing what you love, boasts everything from wrapping paper and journals to puzzles and masks.

Lionheart Prints offers a range of fun, useful gifts for all occasions

“We have fun gifts that are $30 and under, that people can give for any occasion,” Cooke said. “The goal of the shop was to offer items that are cool and have a purpose. I don’t want to sell things that are just going to collect dust- everything in the shop is something that I would want in my own home.”

Cooke designs all of the cards, art prints and gift wrap that she sells and she even offers custom stationery, for those who want something a little special on their desk.

The store also recently went under a complete renovation and is any creative’s dream. The sunbeams in through the large storefront windows and shines on the rainbow of colors from the various gifts that are offered. Everything about the shop shouts “fun!” You can get lost looking at all of the unique designs and cards that fit every occasion.

Cards, Classes and Coronavirus

Cooke credits her great team for getting Lionheart Prints through 2020, in spite of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We had a great year in 2020 thanks to the amazing staff we have,” she said. “Our goal was to survive and keep people healthy. We followed all of the guidelines — we didn’t want to endanger any of the staff or our customers. I’m so thankful that we didn’t have to let any of the staff go.”

Outside of a global pandemic, Cooke teaches hand lettering classes at the store. She said she loves helping people find their creativity and she hopes that she can get back to doing that soon. Until then, Cooke and her staff are welcoming in customers on Magazine Street and hoping to add a little beauty to your life.

Shop Lionheart Prints

Visit the Lionheart Prints store on Magazine Street or shop online. Lionheart Prints cards are also available at card shops across the US.

Pro tip: Lionheart Prints also carry candles from Wicks Nola, check out our story on this local business here.


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