Local Nonprofit Unveils Katrina Flooded House Museum

Local nonprofit is reminding the city of exactly how bad things got in 2005. The group recently staged their Flooded House Museum in the Filmore Gardens neighborhood to look exactly as a house might the day before the floodwalls failed and the neighborhood was inundated with water.

The house at 4918 Warrington Drive is filled with knick-knacks, family photos and a copy of the Times-Picayune with the headline “Katrina Takes Aim.” The house will sit in its current state until Labor Day, after which point set designers will move in and make the house appear how it would have immediately after the floodwaters receded. was started by local Sandy Rosenthal with the goal of ensuring that the public remembers that the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina was the fault of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

“This is the worst civil engineering disaster in the history of the country,” Rosenthal said at an unveiling of the exhibit Wednesday, according to New Orleans City Business.

Check out a video of the current interior before it gets completely redone to recall the catastrophic flooding of 2005.