Cocktails, Mardi Gras

The best Mardi Gras cocktails-to-go by neighborhood

Carnival cocktails that aren’t cancelled because of COVID-19

They might have canceled parades this year, but cocktails aren’t canceled! Whether you’re working on your house float or chowing down on king cake, these festive concoctions are sure to get you in the spirit. Here’s a list of some bars and restaurants that are offering Mardi Gras cocktails-to-go, so that you can stay socially distant and safely get your drink on! 


Avenue Pub
Cocktail: Irish Old fashioned, and other assorted daiquiris
What’s in it? The Irish Old fashioned, made with Tully, oranges and cherry liquor, will be permanent. The Pub will also offer other rotating handcraft frozen daiquiris.
Price: $9, 16 oz.


Bakery Bar
Cocktail: Mardi Gras Martini
What’s in it? This cream cheese and cinnamon cocktail confection will have you dancing in your seat.
Price: $10

Commander’s Palace
Cocktail: Mardi Gras Sidecar
What’s in it? A specially crafted cocktail of Brandy, Cointreau and lemon juice, shaken to perfection.
Price: $10.50

Gris Gris
Cocktail: King Cake Daiquiri
What’s in it? This twist on the New Orleans favorite is made with Deep Eddy Vodka, Evangeline Praline Liquor, dairy-free vanilla soft serve, cinnamon, and seasonal spices.
Price: $9, 16 oz. $30, Half-Gallon

Hot Tin and Jack Rose
Cocktail: Frozen King Cake Daiquiri
What’s in it? This cool mix features Marsh House rum, king cake syrup and lime.
Price: $10

Cocktail: King Cake Martini
What’s in it? A festive cocktail made with house-made cinnamon-infused vanilla vodka along with Irish cream and amaretto.
Price: $12

The Company Burger
Cocktail: King Cake Colada
What’s in it? This frozen cocktail, made with Gambino’s King Cake rum cream, is a piña colada with a king cake twist!
Price: $11


Cocktail: King Cake Daiquiri
What’s in it? A mix of Svedka Vodka, condensed milk, citrus and cinnamon that’s available in gallons.
Price: $8, Small (12oz) $10, Large (16oz) $60, Gallon 

French Quarter

Bourbon House
Cocktail: King Cake Bevvy
What’s in it? A delightful combination of homemade vanilla ice cream, orgeat syrup, cinnamon, orange, and local Old New Orleans Rum. It proudly shows its Mardi Gras spirit with a sprinkling of purple, green and gold sugar and a King Cake baby stir stick.
Price: $9, Regular/ $11, Large

Jewel of the South
Cocktail: Creole Hot Buttered Rum
What’s in it? A spicy chocolate cinnamon buttered rum based on our favorite king cake flavor.
Price: $10-$12

Cocktail: Carnival Thyme
What’s in it? This drink made with Don Quixote Anejo rum, Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, hibiscus thyme tea, and lime is a delicious way to celebrate the season.
Price: $11

The Pelican Club
Cocktail: Mardi Gras Sangria
What’s in it? This classic is made with red wine, spiced simple syrup, orange liquor, cognac, grenadine.
Price: $11


Frey Smoked Meat Co.
Drink: King Cake Milkshake
What’s in it? This booze-free treat is a king cake in a glass and a great way to celebrate Mardi Gras, without the alcohol.
Price: $8

Gabrielle Restaurant
Cocktail: Big Shot Milk Punch
What’s in it? This mix of Bourbon, milk, cream, sugar, pure vanilla will get your party started right.
Price: $20, Quart

Ralph’s on the Park
Cocktail: King Cake Cocktail
What’s in it? A magical mix of Stolichnaya Vodka, Chila Horchata, Butterscotch Schnapps and cream with a Mardi Gras sugar rim.
Price: $10

Warehouse District

Cocktail: Zulu
What’s in it? A frozen concoction made with rum, cream of coconut, pineapple, lime that will set your spirit right.
Price: $10

Desi Vega’s Steakhouse
Cocktail: King Cake Martini
What’s in it? This mix of king cake vodka, Rumchata and milk shaken and served in a glass with a Mardi Gras-colored sugar rim is sure to get you in the Mardi Gras mood!
Price: $14


Velvet Cactus
Cocktail: King Cake Cocktail
What’s in it? This cocktail screams “party gras” with King Cake Vodka, sweet amaretto, a little half & half, and dusted with Mardi Gras magic
Price: $10


Porter & Luke’s
Cocktail: Bacchus Bramble
What’s in it? A twist on the classic made with Ford’s Gin, lemon juice, Chambord, simple syrup and a lemon twist.
Price: $10


Riccobono’s Peppermill
Cocktail: Mambo Cosmo
What’s in it? This cocktail will get you dancing with vodka, Cointreau, Rose’s lime juice, a splash of cranberry juice, served with a gold sugar rim.
Price: $9

Multiple locations

New Orleans Original Daiquiris
Cocktail: Mardi Gras Mash
What’s in it? A tasty mix of bourbon, triple sec, and tropical fruit punch that’s available all year long!
Price: $4.50- $23 (gallon)

Reginelli’s (various locations)
Cocktail: King Cake Cocktail
What’s in it? With a mix of Fireball, Rumchata, vanilla soy milk and cinnamon, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon crumbles, this drink will make you want to say, “Laissez les bon temps rouler!”
Price: $9


Looking for more ideas for a socially distant Mardi Gras?