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Meet us at Backatown Coffee Parlour for our first ‘Office Hours’

Come and talk to us. We really wanna know you.

Backatown Coffee Parlour
$ $$$
Getting there
301 Basin St Suite 1, New Orleans, LA 70112, USA
Opening Hours
Mon-Sun 8am–2pm
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We at Very Local always want to listen to what you have to say. We want to be where you are, and we want to show up for our city.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to get out in the community, stop in at some local businesses and have conversations with you. That’s the idea behind our weekly “Office Hours” concept.

Every week, we will take some time out to let you know where we’ll be and invite you to come have a cup of coffee with us. Come tell us about what you’d like to see covered or about an issue that really matters to you.

New Orleans, you look good, and you know you look good. We just want to let you know in person, “We see you!” And we love what we see.

So, don’t make us go all Jodeci on you (because we will, don’t play), but come and talk to us. We want to know your name and what you want to see more of on Very Local.

We’ll be at Backatown Coffee Parlour on Thursday, June 28 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. See you there.