Natural Hair Policy At Terrytown School Stopped By Judge

A judge has temporarily blocked Christ the King’s ban on braided hair.

The controversy over a “natural hair policy” at Terrytown’s Christ the King Elementary continues, but for now the girls who were sent home over their hair running afoul of the rules can return to school. A district judge ruled that the school can not enforce its ban on braided hair and extensions allowing two sixth-graders to return to class.

The families of both of the children, who are African-American, filed suit against the school after officials made the decision to send them home.

The lawsuit claims that Christ the King principal Dawn Castillo told one family that extensions were a distraction because girls “have the tendency to twirl and flip their extensions.”

The decision to remove the children from school sparked a national outcry over a policy that many saw as discriminatory toward African-American children. A video of one of the girls effected by the policy went viral after being posted to social media by her family. The outrage extended to celebrities like T.I. and Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta‘s Tokyo Vanity.