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New Orleans’ Filmmakers Show Off 48-Hour Films This Weekend

What a difference two days makes.

Earlier this month, film production teams set out with a seemingly impossible goal. They had to write and shoot a seven-minute short in just 48 hours. As part of the worldwide 48 Hour Film Project contest, the teams are assigned a genre at random and asked to create a suitable short over a single weekend.

Nearly 50 groups across Hollywood South took on the challenge, learning their genres at all the same time. They were also assigned a common prop and line of dialogue so that no one can cheat and prepare a film ahead of time. The efforts of these brave and sleep-deprived souls are being screened today and tomorrow (July 27-28) at the Solomon Victory Theatre in the World War II Museum.

The seven-minute shorts are broken up into four screenings, but all of the movies shown will be competing for the top prize of Best Film. A second screening of the shorts that garnered the most love from audiences goes down on August 9 at The Broad Theater, with the intention of crowning a short with the first-ever Audience Award.  The Best Film winner in New Orleans will go on to compete against the top shorts from other cities at Los Angeles’ Filmapalooza. The winners of Filmapalooza will have their entries screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

Anyone interested in seeing what a few talented New Orleanians can do with two days should head to one of four screenings at the Solomon Victory Theatre this weekend.

What: 48 Hour Film Project screenings
When: July 27-28 at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.
Price: $12