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Very Local NOLA makes it easier to love New Orleans better, to love New Orleans more, to love New Orleans fully by connecting you to the people, events, food, culture and entertainment that make the Crescent City incomparable.

There’s always something going on in New Orleans, which is part of the city’s charm. But let’s be real, it can be a little overwhelming when everybody in the group text is asking “What’s the move tonight?” That’s where we come in. Let us tell you about your-soon-to-be favorite restaurants, the best spots to truly live the NOLA life and what will be worth your time and/or money.

Very Local New Orleans is the source for real New Orleanians. We know, without a doubt, that the best part about our city is our people, and we want to put them first.

Sorry, tourists, this ain’t for you. Although we genuinely live by the locally famous saying “Be nice or leave,” when it comes to serving tourists on this site, we instead channel Drake and Freedia and ask “Nice for what?”

We are committed to focusing on the core of who we are as a city and as people and reflecting that back. New Orleans, you look damn good. And you know it. Very Local is going to be the mirror you deserve. Together, we will dive deep and amplify the voices that go unheard and show those who feel unseen. We will show up when you need us.