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NOLA Sounds: the Neo-Soul of Xeno Moonflower and Nondi

Some of the smoothest local talent with Xeno Moonflower and Nondi, hosted by Sheba Songz

With Voodoo Fest coming up, there’s no shortage of sounds for you to take in the city. The fest highlights lots of national artists, but also gives local ones a chance to shine, too.

Of course, here at Very Local New Orleans, we are always looking to give local artists some shine. That’s what we plan to do at NOLA Sounds, an open mic showcase, featuring two New Orleans talents – singers, Nondi and Xeno Moonflower. Q93 personality Sheba Songz will host the inaugural local artist showcase.

About the artists:

On her second EP, Nondi’s voice sails along in what she calls ‘electro-soul-goddess-pop’.

“Goddess pop is music that is catchy and feels good, but it’s centered in the divine feminine,” she explained. Yaaas. Let’s all tap into our “divine feminine.” We’re ready.

You may have seen Xeno Moonflower in the streets of the French Quarter, where he is powered by his guitar and good vibes. His sounds are surely otherworldly, so after we get into our “divine feminine,” we can reach another plane of divinity.

They’ll both be playing October 25, 6-8 p.m., at the Shop at the Contemporary Arts Center, and best of all, the show is free.

Take a listen to both artists below.

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