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NOPD releases video in NFL robbery investigation

The confession proves what we already knew… first-degree robbery

Shortly after the city wrapped up Boycott Bowl festivities Sunday, the New Orleans Police Department released a video showing the Homicide Division’s results after investigating what has become the most talked about crime in New Orleans this year, the dead and broken dreams of Saints fans.

Tackling the robbery head-on, the First 48-style video pokes fun at one of the biggest sports tragedies to-date. There might even be another homicide at the end of the video. 😂

The video was in response to calls on social media for the department to investigate the robbery since the NFC Championship game against the Rams.

Even jabs with the Los Angeles Police Department were traded once the “investigation” was over.

The credits point to the Who Dat Nation for inspiration after hundreds of fans called for the investigation two weeks ago. Sunday, thousands took to the street to celebrate the Saints season and boycott the Super Bowl.

The NOPD’s YouTube channel is most often used by the department to release surveillance videos of crimes, but periodically the NOPD releases feel-good videos featuring its officers and the community.

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