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Uptown’s Commissary eatery offers classic New Orleans cuisine from Dickie Brennan

Crabmeat Cheesecake? Creole Cuban sandwiches? Fried Brussels sprouts? It’s all here.

The Commissary, a new eatery and market by restaurant group Dickie Brennan & Co., located at 634 Orange St., is set to be the coolest new lunch spot Uptown. The eatery will be offering signature meals for dine-in or easy takeout.

Brennan’s family food – but make it to go

The Commissary got a unique start. Managed by Geordie Brower, Sarah Brennan, Richard Brennan III and Matthew Pettus, the space opened in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, at the end of April. The original plan was to open as a market and dining space where the public could enjoy Dickie Brennan and Co. signature dishes easily. That plan was temporarily put on hold so that The Commissary could offer free family meals to front-line workers and to those out of work and in need.

New Orleans is currently in phase 2; eating at restaurants is allowed, but with capacity restrictions. Your best bet is to get Dickie Brennan and Co,’s delectable dishes to-go. The Commissary is offering a daily lunch menu for dine-in or takeout, as well as an array of prepared Dickie Brennan and Co. classics that can be easily reheated and served at home.

The eatery menu includes such selections as Green Goddess Salad ($13), Gator on a Stick ($11), Smash Patty Burger ($10), Smoked Catfish Dip ($7) and Pimento Cheese with crackers ($7).

One of the things that I’m most excited about is the market menu. Turtle soup and gumbo are both available by the pint ($7) or quart ($13). If you have ever had the family’s famous turtle soup or gumbo, you know how special it is to have this on hand for a special occasion or just a quick warm-up dinner.

Another Brennan-family classic that has me jumping for food-joy is the whole Crabmeat Cheesecake that you can buy for $65.

Here’s a fact about me: when I first tried this Crabmeat Cheesecake at Palace Café, I went home, looked up the recipe and had my father help me make it! It was THAT good! My version paled in comparison to the Dickie Brennan and Co. version, so I can’t wait to pick one up and see if I can resist eating a whole one in one sitting. Seriously- this cheesecake might end up being my birthday cake this year.

The Commissary also offers a grill package that includes a rib-eye, creamed spinach and potatoes au gratin (12oz, $42 20oz, $48) and a pizza package that comes with all the ingredients to have a pizza picnic at home ($22-$24)! Either one of these sound perfect for any date night.

If you’re feeling snacky, you can get a charcuterie board ($30) that includes a selection of house-made charcuterie, house pickles, dried fruits, nuts and farmer’s cheeses.

I’ve really only scratched the surface of what The Commissary’s market menu offers, so check out the website and see it all for yourself.

Takeout is incredibly easy- go to the website, pick out what you want, and the staff will have it all ready for you, whenever you are ready to pick it up.

What We Ate

For my visit, I ordered the Creole Cuban sandwich, mac and cheese and fried Brussels sprouts.

Creole Cuban Sandwich ($12)– The menu describes this as tasso, pork debris, mayo, creole mustard, house pickles, bolilo, but I would just describe it as amazingly good! This isn’t what I would call a “classic” Cuban, but I love the flakey bread and the generous pork- tender, soft and well marinated. The sandwich itself is very soft, but sturdy, and doesn’t fall apart with each bite. Of course, it was perfectly pressed and it came with kettle chips, which were a nice crunchy addition.

Mac and Cheese ($5)– I’m a huge mac and cheese person and I like to try the concoction whenever it’s offered. The Commissary’s version is made with penne noodles and thick, rich cheese sauce. It has that fantastic “gooey” texture that you expect from really good mac and cheese. Because it’s a cheese sauce, every noodle is perfectly coated inside and out, making for a decadent experience that you are going to want to share.

Fried Brussels Sprouts ($4) – If you aren’t usually a sprouts fan, I’d encourage you to give these a try. They’re lightly fried in a Crystal honey sauce and they are full of flavor with just enough spice. The outside leaves have that nice fried “crisp” to them, which makes for a solid bite, while the inside is still tender.

I should mention that the two sides that I got were well enough for two people, especially if you’re pairing a side with a sandwich or salad. Easily shareable sides always enhance my personal dining experience, because I like to sample a few things.

The folks at The Commissary are also excited about their weekly “regulars”:  weekly specials that include Taco Tuesday, Wing Wednesday, Pasta Thursday, Fryday, and Slider Saturday.

If you also want dessert (don’t we all?), The Commissary is hooking you up with a choice of Cheesecake and Strawberries that serves 2 ($10), ice cream pints ($6) and a chocolate chip cookie ($3).

Decadent Dickie Brennan and Co. food available to-go is a real dream come true. If you do decide to dine in, The Commissary is taking full safety precautions and has spaced out seating inside and outside of the restaurant, and all of those working were masked.

Price points:

Salads: $13-$14

Plates: $7-$14

Sandwiches: $10-$12

Sides: $3-$7

Desserts: $3-$10

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