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Our favorite photos of 2018 Essence performers

This year’s performers set the stages of Essence Fest on fire

Another Essence Festival is in the books. This Essence Festival, likely the largest of all time, will be remembered for many reasons, but especially for how this year’s performers annihilated the stage.

The whole marathon festival culminated with none other than Ms. Jackson (yeah, we nasty), so you know the build-up had to be worthy. The diversity of sounds and genres spoke to the overall celebration of the people who are at the roots of all American music.

We got lifted with Mykia Jovan. We gave a Pell yeah with the local rapper. We went to church with Snoop. We were commanded to bounce by the Queen herself– twice. We did it all, baby, and we’re just talking about one portion of Essence Fest– the nightly concerts. Check out all our coverage (throughout the site) from New Orleans’ biggest event of the year (outside of Mardi Gras! We were there for it all.