Patrick Melon Photographing The Saints Is The Most New Orleans Thing That Happened This Week

Patrick Melon is a star. The photographer has generated a huge amount of buzz for his uncanny ability to capture what New Orleans feels like on the street-level. And no portrait of the NOLA is complete without taking time out to explore the most-popular religion within city limits: Saints football.

Melon photographed yesterday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and while we weren’t a fan of the outcome, we love how his shots turned out. His signature analog feel makes the shots feel visceral in a way that typical clean sports photography doesn’t. The pictures can speak for themselves better than we can talk about it.

Melon said that shooting sports was “unpredictable” but he said he appreciated the “mix of luck/anticipation along with skill level that goes into creating memorable sports moments.” Check out his shots up top and read our profile of Melon here.