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PHOTOS: Community gathers to pay respects to Big Queen Kim “Cutie” Boutte

Boutte was killed in a shooting Tuesday in New Orleans East.

Members of the Black Masking Indians community, also known as Carnival or Mardi Gras Indians, remember Big Queen Kim “Cutie” Boutte of the Spirit of the Fi Yi Yi and Mandingo Warriors tribe at Hunter’s Field in the 7th Ward and the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans August 12, 2020.

Reports said Queen Boutte, 55, was attending a funeral repast and was shot and killed by a gunman shooting randomly from a car in the parking lot in New Orleans East Tuesday. Another man was injured in the shooting and is in stable condition, officials said. Boutte had masked since age 5 under her uncle, Big Chief Victor Harris, center, and she eventually became the Big Queen. Boutte was a member of the Tambourine and Fan group started by Jerome Smith at Hunter’s Field and the Treme Center. Smith started the first Indians Super Sunday parades in 1969, which often ended at Hunter’s Field. The Indians did the best to keep the crowd moving and keep their social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Balloons spelling out “KIM” were released and the Queens of the Nation formed a circle with candles to honor Queen Kim.