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PHOTOS: Marching krewes dance to get the blood flowing, literally

The 6th Annual Everyone Gets Lei’d Blood Donation Drive brought out some of the city’s favorite marching groups.

The summertime is known as the slow season for many local industries, but for one, the slow season could mean life or death. That’s why every summer, the city’s favorite marching groups get together off the parade route to help the Blood Center get donations.

Members of the Lucha Krewe, Camel Toe Lady Steppers, NOLA Cherry Bombs, Muff-a-Lottas, Jailhouse Rockers, Mardi Gras Indians Collective, Pussy Footers, Organ Grinders, Crescent City Fae, Disco Amigos, and the Sirens of New Orleans, took part in the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic Blood Drive, ‘Everyone Gets Lei’d: Part VI’ at the New Orleans Deutsches Haus on Sunday, August 18, 2019.

The krewes put on a show for donors to The Blood Center that is the primary supplier of blood, blood components and plasma derivatives to local hospitals throughout South Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. The Blood Center also holds donations every Tuesday for the Musicians’ Clinic at 1525 Louisiana Avenue.

Check out these pictures from the blood drive: