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Pizza Nola Returns For One Last ‘Sharknado’ Party

The shuttered restaurant isn’t about to miss a ‘Sharknado.’

Lakeview pizzeria Pizza Nola isn’t going to let a little problem like no longer existing stand in the way of throwing a good party.

The shuttered restaurant hosted an annual party around the Sharknado movies. The unexpected sensation turned campy series is coming back for a sixth(!) and final movie. And if Fin Shephard is coming back, then Pizza Nola is, too.

“It is still our civic duty to host one last party to celebrate the final Sharknado movie,” said Pizza Nola owner Will Samuels in a press release. “We’re no longer in Lakeview providing tasty pizza, house-made gelato, hearty weekend breakfasts and family-friendly service, but we still can gather together to celebrate all things Sharknado.”

The final Sharknado follows Fin as he travels back in time to try and stop the original sharknado to save his family. Check out a trailer below:

The final party will take place at the Howlin’ Wolf on August 19. It’s free with RSVP. According to the Facebook event description, the last party will feature “a Sharknado-cake bakeoff challenge with celebrity judges [and] prizes.” The event also promises that the Pizza Nola folks will have an announcement to make about their next venture.

Grab your tickets here.