5 More Restaurants That Deserve Their Own Brass Band Theme Song

We’re more than just Popeye’s.

You’ve probably seen it by now. That video of a brass band playing a song about Popeye’s inside a Popeye’s? It spread around the internet as the Most New Orleans Thing To Ever Happen This Week, pulling in plenty of folks who probably say “N’awlins” and making them compulsively share memories about Bourbon Street.

Posted by Eric Iammusic Gordon Jr on Friday, August 10, 2018

While we enjoyed the video, we couldn’t help but think of some other local spots that could use their own brass band theme song. They have Popeye’s everywhere (even if it doesn’t taste as good outside of city limits). What we really need is a brass band to hit up a few of these purely New Orleans spots and give them their own theme song. Tuba players seeking viral fame, feel free to take notes.


There are simply no better chicken wings in the city. Already locally iconic for its unmistakeable appearances in “Let Me Find Out” we’d love for the rest of the world to find out about this Claiborne Avenue gem via a marching tune. What rhymes with fried rice?

Raising Cane’s

Caniac Combo already sounds like the name of a jazz band, might as well make it official with a song about ditching the slaw for extra toast.

Rosalita’s Backyard Tacos

This teeny gem of a takeout window represents everything great about New Orleans’ food scene. It’s cheap, it’s delicious and it’s the sort of thing that will leave your out-of-town friends thinking you’re cooler than you are.

Parkway Bakery & Tavern

Of course, the po-boys are on point. Of course, this is the spot for fried shrimp and beer. Of course, you need some debris fries. But none of those are the actual reason why we picked this Mid-City institution. Fact is, it’s right along the bayou, and we can’t think of a nicer spot for a sandwich-related secondline.


Drake kind of blew up the spot, but these dangerous daqs on Elysian Fields are more than worthy of their own theme music. If that won’t convince you, then their life-saving sandwiches should.