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Red Dress Run: Through the eyes of a NOLA newcomer

The Red Dress Run is more than just wearing a pretty red dress and sipping Purple Drink in the Quarter

The Red Dress Run in New Orleans usually culminates in a huge flood of red dress-clad, purple drink-guzzling partiers, throughout the French Quarter, but especially near Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop bar.

For newcomers, it can be easy to see the Red Dress Run as one big, red party. But as our own newcomer, Adam Matos, learned, it’s truly a run with a deeper cause.

RDR is hosted each year by the New Orleans Hash House Harriers, a non-competitive social “drinking club with a running problem.” This was the group’s 24th RDR, and 100 percent of the proceeds from the registration costs ($65 pr runner) went to charities. Some of the charities who benefitted last year included: Second Harvest Food Bank, SpayMart, Geeks Empowering Extraordinary Kids.

Check out what Adam saw when he threw on his red dress and went out for his first Red Dress Run experience.