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Street flooded? Here’s how to check if your catch basin is clean, and how to DIY

Can’t wait on the city to clean your catch basin?

The past few days have brought rain. And in a city below sea level, April showers (or any prolonged storm, really) bring street flooding.

So what can you do to fix it? After all, in the words of Mayor LaToya Cantrell, “We are a city that floods.”

First, you can see if the city has cleaned the catch basins in your area. In an online map released earlier this year, the city released a new tracking platforms where residents can zoom in on their area and see if the catch basins have been cleaned by the Public Works Department. Click here to see the map and search for your address. 

So, what if the city hasn’t gotten to you, or your catch basin is dirty again? Well, grab a shovel and a bucket, we’re going to be here a while.

Here’s how the city suggests residents clean their catch basins:

What you’ll need: gloves, a rake, shovel or broom and a waste container.

  1. Clear any debris in front of, and within about 10 feet of the basin opening using the rake, shovel, or broom.
  2. Be sure to remove any waste that may be stuck in the grates, especially the bottom ones.
  3. Be careful of sharp objects and always watch for traffic.
  4. Let city crews handle garbage or any debris inside the catch basin. Do not attempt to lift the lid, clear surface debris only.

So now that you’ve cleared out the front, your street is STILL FLOODING. 🚣Time to report it to the city.

You can call 311 to report a clogged catch basin to Department of Public Works, but be sure to know the nearest street when you call. You can also click here to report it to the Sewerage and Water Board.

Stay dry friends!