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Sucre’ announces new ownership, return

More than a year after closing, local bakery Sucre’ announced its return on social media Thursday, this time with new female ownership.

In June 2019, the local bakery suddenly closed its doors after 13 years, leaving people in the dark about the reason or future plans.

Other local shops, like Bywater Bakery, stepped up to honor Sucre’s wedding cake orders after the abrupt closure. Multiple businesses announced job openings for Sucre’s employees. According to, Sucre’ employed about 80 people, who didn’t know they would be laid off until a 9 a.m. meeting the morning the store closed.

The announcement on the bakery’s Instagram caption read “Bringing back what New Orleans loves.”  The new owners were not named in the post. However, according to, Ayesha Motwani bought the shop’s name and recipes. No opening date has been announced on social media as of yet.