Tank of Tank and the Bangas Interviewed By ‘Vanity Fair’

World domination starts here.

(Photo via Tank & The Bangas)

We all knew that Tank and the Bangas were too good to be a local sensation. And they’ve had that affirmed recently, with NPR naming them the winners of their annual Tiny Desk Concert and instantly upping their profile a thousand-fold.

Even knowing that, it’s a bit of a pleasant surprise to see Tank in the pages of Vanity Fair, and that’s not just us talking. Tank herself was incredulous about a recent profile that ran in the magazine, posting a photo of her copy to Instagram and freaking out alongside her fans.


In the piece, Tank said that she doesn’t plan to capitulate to the mainstream. The powerhouse of a singer instead wants to be so good that the pop world has no choice but to make a space for her.

“I want to be that person to lead the march from what’s been going on underground for years, and bring it aboveground,” she said in the interview. “Spoken word, song, poetry, all this crazy music that doesn’t have a ‘genre.’”

With a shout-out like this in a magazine that regularly interviews the most famous folks in the world, Tank and the rest of her battalion are on the move.