The 10 things you need to do Jazz Fest like a pro at home

We know right now we’ve been confined to festing at home — but take a look on the bright side! You won’t have to beat the crowds at the gate, your porch is already your own little spot at the stage, and WWOZ is bringing all the jams during Jazz Fest’s two weekends.

We went shopping, and here are a few things we found to make your home feel a little more “fest”-ive.

Funky Festival Shirt

If you’re going to fest at home, you’ve at least got to look the part! This 100% cotton shirt will let the breeze through with you’re jamming to the music.

Buy it: $20

Portable Speaker

Let’s be honest, playing music using just your phone speakers isn’t fun at all. This bluetooth speaker has an 100-foot wireless range, so no matter what part of the house or yard you’re in, you can pump up the volume.

Buy it: $25.99

Yoga Shirt

So maybe the button up Hawaiian shirt look isn’t for you, but you still want to fest in style. This sleeveless yoga shirt has wide arm openings, letting the breeze through.

Buy it: $14.99

Mini Fridge

So one of the best parts about festing at home is having cool drinks without standing in line. This fridge fits a six-pack of cans and keeps them just as cool as if they were in your kitchen fridge.

Buy it: $49.99

Bean Bag Chair Cover

Not interested in bring your bean bag chair outside? Want to make it more comfy for the 8-hours of jamming? This machine washable bean bag cover is made of velvet and is stain resistant, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your snowball on it.

Buy it: $48.99

Disco Ball Party Lights

Because fest is just another word for PARTY! Be the Light of the Party with this disco light with seven colors and different modes, including one that synchronizes the show with your music.

Buy it: $17.99

Beach Chair

No porch furniture? No problem. This low profile beach chair can hold up to 250 pounds, has a cupholder for your dranks and folds into a carrying case for when actual festing happens again.

Buy it: $23.70

Outdoor Speaker & Lantern

Maybe you’re festing from home in the backyard. This bluetooth lantern and speaker combo creates the perfect mood. After just three hours of charging, you can enjoy 20 hours of music, and you can sync 200 of these speakers together to cover the entire yard.

Buy it: $65.99


This double hammock holds 450-pounds comes with a stand, so there’s easy assembly in minutes without any tools so you don’t have to wait 20 years to wait for those trees to grow.

Buy it: $119.97