Mardi Gras

The Tweeting of the Courts: what is #RexComus

Being on the outside of high society is funnier when you’re tweeting about it

There it was, a text alert when I woke up this morning: “What is #RexComus?”

Here’s the backstory: the annual “tweeting of the courts,” helps bring the lowly public to the forefront of high society. The meeting of the Rex and Comus courts is one of the last things to happen on Mardi Gras Day, bringing the revelry to a close for many.

For those not invited to the ball, it’s televised on public television, but only recently has Twitter gathered to poke fun at the highest echelons of Carnival royalty. That’s where #RexComus comes in. If you missed the live broadcast, or the replay immediately following, Twitter gives the best recap from locals on the spectacle. There’s even a drinking game involved. Pro tip: don’t play it, you’ll pass out.

Key words here:

Lineage – how many people in your family have been a part of the organization or krewe royalty. A must-have for these type of events.

“If Ever I Cease To Love”– Rexs’ theme song, played by an orchestra in 2019 year instead of a band. Read as: more strings, softer feel.

Page – an elementary-aged boy whose job is to help the royalty throughout the night with their costume, and not fall asleep.

If you missed it in 2019, here are the Twitter highlights: