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They’re Talkin’ About Us: 4 chefs share a meal, Get the most ‘Woo!’, AirbnB, Bourbon is best

Everyone loves us and loves talking about us. Here’s what they said lately:

Four Chefs Share A Meal

In a city that loves food as much as we do, it’s a delight to dish about what makes New Orleans one of the most sought after locales to dine. Fine or unrefined, it’s still the best. CNN had a seat at the table with Leah Chase, Emeril Lagasse, Donald Link and Nina Compton to “talk about their unique journeys, both to restaurant kitchens and to the extraordinary city of New Orleans.” Click/Tap to Watch

Short-Term Rentals

AirbnB and short-term rentals in New Orleans is a story that gets a lot of attention locally with large swaths of residents opposing and favoring the practice. CBS News put the spotlight on the potential tightening of rules for it. Because the opinions on short-term rentals gets hot in other cities, the Crescent City is in the spotlight on what could be in store elsewhere.

Bourbon Street recognized for draaanks, duh

CNBC celebrates the renowned streets around the world. At the top of the list is the booze-fueled Bourbon Street. They make note of its age and reputation, highlight Lafitte’s and advises folks to “get in the NOLA spirit” and buy a hand grenade. Remember though, it’s a marathon and not sprint.

WOOOOOoooooo! ‘PAR-TAY’!

Friends at Cosmo (and us) want folks to have the most swellest of times here. The fashion mag knows New Orleans is THE best spot to pass a time for a bachelorette party, and because there is beaucoup to do, they help the squad for the bride-to-be get the most of it. They have a solid guide for New Orleans bachelorettes for “the Bride Who Loves to PAR-TAY.”

Get your fuel for your “Woo!” here.