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Three barbers bring vegan options to St. Bernard area

When you think of good on St. Bernard Avenue, maybe you think of Church’s, Rally’s, or even Triangle Deli, because let’s be honest, their fish plates are delicious. But vegan? Not until now.

Almost a year ago, barber Roy Joseph was trying to make the switch to a vegan lifestyle.

“It was kind of hard to transition because they were deep into it,” he said. “So I just started making food myself and researching. I wanted to eat the things that I like to eat, just vegan with it.”

Joseph started bringing his food to the shop, where fellow barbers and eventual business partners Ryan Billew and Ollie Williams pushed him to go further.

“They said, ‘Man, you need to stop playing around, the food is good. You need to take this seriously,’” Joseph recalled. “I just blew it off so long until I actually tried it, and we’ve been growing ever since.”

Staples on the menu include things like vegan hot sausage, burgers and fried cauliflower tacos, but Joseph also tries new menu items weekly. And the reaction to the food?

“The first thing they say is, ‘I can’t believe this is cauliflower,’” Joseph said, laughing. “That’s pretty much everyone’s reaction. They can’t believe you can fry cauliflower and it tastes or resembles chicken, with the crust and all of that. I’m used to flavor, so that’s how I cook all my food.”

Joseph said making the switch to a plant-based diet is a mental challenge.

“Just train your mind to believe you know what’s good for you, and keep going with it,” he said. “In the long-term, it’s what’s best for you. The long-term result is a better result. Keep that in your mind and go forward with it.”

He said people come to the former snowball stand turned vegan spot and ask questions about the food all the time, which he’s happy to answer.

“I tell them exactly what it is,” he said. “I don’t cut any corners because I don’t like people to cut corners with me.”

Right now, the shop is open Mondays through Wednesdays, but Joseph hopes to expand that to five days a week and possibly add more locations.

“If the food is good and the atmosphere is good, people will come anywhere,” he said.

Vegan Wit A Twist is open Mondays through Wednesdays from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. It is located at 3225 St. Bernard Avenue. Follow them on Instagram by clicking here. 

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