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Tickets for Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s ‘On The Run II’ are still available

Somehow, we’re hours out from Beyoncé and Jay-Z coming to town behind their three-album dirty laundry cycle and there are still tickets available at the Smoothie King Center.

Y’all dare call yourselves part of the Hive? Where’s your sold-out spirit, New Orleans? Were you all put on the guest list by Solange?

We should be seeing exorbitant re-selling from scalpers at this point and yet, a quick scan of Ticketmaster reveals that tickets straight from the source are still available for just $49. For shame.

The Queen blesses you with her bounty, releasing one of the greatest albums in recent memory and revitalizing her husband after a period in the wilderness to create the sort of classics he used to drop casually, and you can’t even sell out The Blender? Get your life, NOLA.

Tickets for On The Run II can be found at Ticketmaster and resellers are letting them go for as low as $39. Check it out here.