Trixie Minx shares the basics of burlesque’s ‘Art of the Tease’

Burlesque dancers make looking sultry look so easy, but the art of the tease takes a lot of practice

When you’re a burlesque superstar like Trixie Minx, you can exhibit the art of the tease with ease and grace. However, the art of burlesque– the sultry form of dance that incorporates seductive movements, lush boas and massive feathered fans and of course, lots of skin– is more than just shimmying and stripping down.

Trixie Minx, Roxie LeRouge and Mamie Damed showed a group of ladies at Very Local New Orleans’ inaugural burlesque workshop, the Art of the Tease, some of the building blocks of burlesque on Tuesday night.

Minx, Mamie and Roxie led the workshop that put forth the message that anyone who walked through the door could be sexy and sultry. The key was to own it and commit to the teasing motions of the cabaret dances.

The tantalizing trio walked eager attendees through dance steps, feather boa work and how to keep yourself covered while twirling. After everyone learned a trick or two, Minx and the crew showed off their skills with shows of their own.

Check out our video up top to see how Very Local and first-timers from around the city learned to “celebrate their bodies through the art of the tease.”

And now that the dancers have had their first taste of what it means to be a burlesque performer, they can fully appreciate the work that goes into the routines at New Orleans Burlesque Festival and NOLA Nerdlesque.