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Very Local Bounces into New Orleans with Big Freedia and a lot of love

Very Local officially launched with a night that kept it Crescent.

Very Local’s raison d’être is pretty easy to suss out. It’s right there in our name. In everything we do, we want to keep it Very Local. We exist to big up everything we can find in our city, telling stories about all y’all so that you can see yourselves reflected in the coverage of your home.

So when the time came to announce our existence to the world outside of our office, you already know we had to be as New Orleans as possible. Our launch party went down with cocktails from local distiller Atelier Vie and bounce music from rising star Denisia and reigning Queen Diva Big Freedia. While the crowd was entirely here for what we were throwing down (as any good New Orleanian is when they hear the “Triggaman” beat), even Freedia got swept up by the spirit of our enterprise. She freestyled a bounce track around the idea of being Very Local and representing New Orleans.

Check out some of our best shots of the show and the folks who made it worth attending up top.