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Welcome to Very Local New Orleans

from Very Local NOLA Managing Editor Kiri LaNice Walton

Welcome to Very Local New Orleans!

Very Local is the plug- your essential source for all the best New Orleans has to offer. We’re here to help you live your absolute best NOLA life. We’ll get you in…formation about the hottest happenings across the city, where to eat and drink, who you should know, pro tips, details about places you haven’t even heard of, all the things that make living here so incredible.

We want you to know that Very Local New Orleans is YOUR outlet, whether you’ve been here your whole life or you just touched down in NOLA three months ago and know you could never live anywhere else. (Sorry, tourists, VL ain’t for you.)

The VL NOLA team is elated that you’ve found us, and we cannot wait to connect with you from Uptown to Downtown, from the Lower 9th Ward to the Lower Garden District. (How elated are we? Say those first strings of the most important Cash Money song just started playing right now. You feel that? That’s how we feel about y’all finding Very Local.)

Very Local New Orleans is an outlet that truly reflects and amplifies the greatness of our city’s people, and our VL NOLA team is ready to give our city the outlet she absolutely deserves.

Along the way you’ll meet our Digital Curator Alex Galbraith, an incredibly talented entertainment and culture writer who always knows about the dopest events happening in the city and our tenacious Event Coordinator Keisha Lee, who will be helping us host some of those dope events. You’ll be watching videos and mini-documentaries from our intrepid producer/videographer, Blayre Pichon and many of the tech updates along with some content for the nerd in all of us will come from our NOLA Pilot Project Manager Clint Durrett. And then there’s me, Kiri LaNice Walton, who is leading this phenomenal team and managing this site, which is giving me my whole entire life. I do not take this opportunity for granted. None of us at VL do.

When it comes to our city, we know what’s up. But we also know damn well that we don’t know everything. So, as we proceed to give ya what ya need, we will be constantly engaging in conversations about what matters to you, what you want to see and what you think should get covered.

The questions you ask each other online, at the coffeeshop and at the hair salon are the ones we ask, too. And we’re here to serve answers. The people you love, follow and support are the ones we will feature, uplift and celebrate. The people you don’t know but should will also get play here on Very Local.

We will be sharing and connecting with as many members of the community as we can as often as possible. We’ll have weekly Office Hours at local businesses across town where we can connect offline. We will host a variety of events around town and partner with others hosting events. We will laugh. We will cry. We will shake our heads and say, “Yes, indeed. That’s New Orleans.” Most importantly, we will show you love. We hope you feel inspired to show it back.

Let’s do this. Laissez le bon temps rouler. We love you, New Orleans.

Ya girl,

Kiri LaNice