What we ate (and drank) this week: Caribbean mac & cheese, Vesper cocktail, more

“Lambsbread” and Fried Oyster Taco with Roasted Rasta Veggies and Caribbean Mac and Cheese at the Rum House

“I love the Caribbean mac and cheese because of the flavors. Island food has great spice influences, and they aren’t afraid to add a little bit of peppers or different bits of flavorings to switch it up. The lamb taco was tender and flavorful and you can never go wrong with fried oysters in my book.” -Blayre Pichon, produce/videographer for Very Local New Orleans

Vesper cocktail at Josephine Estelle

“Feeling like the 007 secret agent that I think I am in my head, I took in the “Vesper” at Josephine Estelle at the Ace Hotel. It’s been a minute since I enjoyed this slow-sipping cocktail named after Bond, James Bond’s, love. Simple, clean and sophisticated like the agent himself, Josephine Estelle’s version doesn’t need bells and whistles from Q to pack a perfect potable punch in this potion.  And just like Bond, after I tasted it, it’s all I wanted to drink for the rest of the evening.” -Clint Durrett, pilot manager for Very Local New Orleans




Unspecified pork dish with fruit chutney at Green Goddess

“The pork was tender, and I enjoyed the blend of flavors, which were both savory and sweet. I couldn’t stop eating it because I loved the way all of the flavors exploded with every bite, no matter what I chose to put on my fork. Sometimes I’d take a bite of only the pork. Other times, I’d mix in some of the fruit chutney and roasted seeds. It was definitely a dish large enough for two people, so as much as I enjoyed it, I couldn’t finish. It was positively divine. I tried to find the name of the dish again, but it’s not listed on the Green Goddess website or even Yelp. Perhaps, it was a special.” -Kiri Walton, Very Local New Orleans Local Market Manager