What We Ate This Week: Sweet & Savory Waffles, Duck Confit & More

It seems like brunch vibes are real every day of the week. We’re definitely feeling it this week with waffles galore and some other gems. Comfort is the name of the game, but can it get a bit cooler already so we can enjoy the hearty food that really hits the spot?

Let us entice you to do some brunching and then some.

Chicken and Waffles at Salon by Sucre by Clint Durrett

Chicken and waffles is a staple of getting brunchfaced. Salon Restaurant by Sucre served up this sweet and savory dish that warmed my soul and filled my belly with happiness. I’ve only known Sucre for being a solid dessert spot, but the brunch at its Salon Restaurant has convinced me to try out more items on the menu to fill the void in my heart and, more importantly, my stomach. They will see me again, no doubt.”

Pork Belly at Gris-Gris by Kiri Walton

“The pork belly and watermelon at Gris-Gris was the unique combo I was craving. The salty and savory flavors of the pork belly with the refreshing and slightly sweet watermelon slice blended together perfectly. I have never liked actual watermelon but I had a feeling I would love it paired with this pork belly and I know Chef Eric wouldn’t steer any of us wrong with any of the items on his menu.”

Confit Duck Bowls at Apolline by Me (@nola.bites)

Potato hash, peppers, poached eggs, quacklin, hollandaise; simple and definitely effective. New Orleans is so full of neighborhood gems, and Apolline is one of those places that doesn’t get as much love as it deserves. I mean, brunch all day everyday? These are the things people fantasize about. Also, did I mention their cocktail program? It’s exceptional.

What Our Fellow Foodies Ate…

On that note, we want to see what Y’ALL ARE EATING! Hashtag your food and restaurant posts with #VeryLocalNolaEats so we can share it on our weekly round-up.

Pork Dumplings at Sukhothai by @eatenpathnola

There is something very comforting about dumplings, isn’t there? We’re totally feeling @eatenpathnola’s Wednesday pick-me-up vibes.

The Calabrese at Domenica by

Do you guys know about Bread Face? That viral internet sensation where a woman films herself smashing her face onto different types of bread…yeah well, this pizza porn is making us want to do the same thing, with the Calabrese.

Ramen at Kin by @thenola15

We’re anxiously waiting for the temperatures to drop so we can go to town on Kin’s ramen and slurp ourselves silly.

Waffles at French Truck Coffee by @_forkitover_

Did you guys know that besides their exceptional brewed delights, French Truck Coffee also kills the waffle game? Well now you do. You’re welcome.