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Who Wasn’t At ‘On The Run II’?

It seems like all of New Orleans showed up for Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Ticket sales stories be damned. We know what we saw and what we saw was absolutely everybody at Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s second time On The Run. Everybody from Instagram celebs to entrepreneurs on up to the actual mayor was in the Dome to see what Jay and Bey could do together. Check out just a sampling of who made it out for the superstars’ concert.

Local staple and contributor to Very Local Alisha Reed — b.k.a. Nola Bougie — gave us a guide on how to get ready for the show yesterday. And she took her own advice, getting down to the Dome to see Queen Bey.

The Chic and Savvy Belle is mostly known throughout town for documenting her exercise and healthy eating habits, but she has to take a break for something fun now and again.

Wuzzam Supa was left (mostly) speechless by the appearance of The Carters.

Jesseca Dupart (a.k.a. DaRealBBJudy) was right there with her, physically and in spirit.

You can’t call yourself the City of Yes and turn down an opportunity to see Beyoncé. Mayor Cantrell gets this and that’s why she brought the family out to see OTR2.