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Louisiana Christian singer Lauren Daigle concert tix are $500 a pop in NOLA

Tickets for the Christian Pop superstar’s stop in New Orleans are selling for $500.

Lauren Daigle isn’t a household name unless your household has one of those decorative mantelpieces that says “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” The Christian pop behemoth and Lafayette native just released a slab of Adele-esque gigantic pop songs about Jesus Christ and it’s doing numbers.

In fact, Daigle nearly topped the Billboard 200 charts with her album Look Up Child last week. She beat out Drake and Ariana Grande and only fell short of the number one slot thanks to a new album by Paul McCartney. She sold 115,000  equivalent units with 103,000 of those being traditional album sales.  She did so in spite of almost no crossover in the secular music world. She’s not Amy Grant making non-religious chart hits and she’s not Kirk Franklin taking to the charts with something like “Stomp.” But just looking at her sales performance, it’s clear that Daigle doesn’t need to be.

And she has a rabid fan base, if ticket sales are any indication. She’s very nearly sold out the Saenger with the only remaining seats for her October stop in the city going for over $500. Take a listen at the Daigle and familiarize yourself below.