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Despite fire, Rex Krewe says they’ll continue to stop at historic St. Charles mansion for toast

“It is really our love for the people who have resided there…no fire can take that away.”

The day after a 7-alarm fire ripped through the Montgomery-Grace home on St. Charles Avenue, Krewe of Rex officials made an announcement Thursday afternoon that they will continue a century-old tradition of stopping at the home for a toast on Mardi Gras morning.

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The mansion is commonly known as the “Rex House,” and officials say at least five people who have lived in the home have reigned over Carnival.

“This majestic residence has been a special setting since 1907 of a very iconic tradition for the Rex Organization,” said an official from the krewe.

The tradition pays homage to the families who have lived there and their contributions to not just the Krewe of Rex, but to all of Carnival.

“The family is steadfast, as are we, that the lore and legacy of this beautiful tradition, despite yesterday’s misfortune, will continue,” officials said. “I have spoken with His Majesty, as well as the family, and both agree that the real tragedy would be, along with the possessions and the majesty represented by this beautiful home, is if those traditions were to go away and fade, as well.”

Krewe officials said the reason the toast happens is to pay homage to the current and former residents of the home. Numerous Carnival artifacts were also on display in the home. Firefighters were seen Thursday trying to save some of the artwork inside the building.

“What is more important, however, are the people that were in there,” officials said. “We are grateful that they all came out of there unscathed physically. While we will continue to stop and toast the residents, it is really our love for the people that resided there and their dedication to Carnival and all of Rex being the reason that we stop there and toast. No fire can take that away.”