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Y’all Want To See A Dead Body? New Orleans Oddities Expo Has You Covered

The New Orleans Oddities & Curiosities Expo brought a healthy dose of the macabre to our City of the Dead.

We like to think of ourselves as a witchy city. We like to think that we’ve got a pretty good head on our shoulders when it comes to the spooky, the occult and the odd. But all that calm goes out the window when you see your first severed penis.

New Orleans Oddities and Curiosities Expo brought the weird in spades over the weekend, providing plenty of gross-out moments and interesting collectibles for fans of the macabre. Very Local was on hand to document some of the weirder wares filling up the Alario Center in Westwego. If you wanted a brush with death or a connection to the other side, chances are you could find it at the spine-tinglingest event this side of the Mississippi.

Take a look at our video up top if you didn’t manage to make it out.