New Orleans Reacts To Michigan’s Crawfish ‘Problem’

The Great Lake State could use some pointers from down-the-road.

As you’ve probably heard, Michigan is absolutely in a tizzy over invasive red crawfish that have set up shop near their lakes and rivers. Property owners and planners alike are up-in-arms over the way that mudbugs are damaging their property and infrastructure. Louisianans have never met a problem that food couldn’t fix, so they had a few suggestions to help our worked-up Northern friends.

First off, you should always be thinking about your next hustle:

Others could feel their stomachs grumbling:

Still others were jealous of the Michiganders who couldn’t see their blessing for what it is:

And after a season of exorbitant per-pound prices, there were many folks who were booking their tickets to follow their Louisiana crustacean pals up to cooler climes.

We were almost on poor Michigan’s side. But then an official state Twitter account had to send out this blasphemy.

You know, maybe this uprising of Louisiana crawfish is just another example of the universe balancing itself out. After all, how many people has Michigan sent down our way in recent years. It’s only fair we make a little exchange.

For extra entertainment, take a look at this local news report on the devastation of having too much crawfish:

This makes me sad. So nobody in Michigan thought about calling someone from Louisiana

Posted by Carrey Bee on Saturday, August 4, 2018