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Potholes? There’s an app for that on the way.

The city’s 311 complaint line is going digital, with social media and app integration

You know those statuses on Facebook about how you hate potholes and the city never fixes them? Well, now there might be an app for that.

According to a report from, the city is negotiating a contract with a new software vendor that will open up new ways for residents to tell them about issues they’d normally call 311 for. It includes a new mobile app and answering complaints made via social media.

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The city’s 311 line is how residents can file various complaints with the city, including potholes, property violations and water leaks from fire hydrants. You can also reach out to 311 via Twitter.

The new system, spearheaded by Puerto Rico-based Rock Solid Technologies, would allow 311 operators to let people know when their complaints have been addressed, or why the city could not fix it, reported.

Officials told news organization they expect the new system to be available within 4-6 months, saying almost seven years of data needs to be transferred from 311’s old operators to Rock Solid Technologies.

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